You enter into a partnership
The production and sale of Fair Trees Christmas trees are based on a partnership between the seller,
the supplier and Fair Trees ApS. The partners agree on – and sign a contract – which is based on the
principles of fair trade and the UN Global Goals.

The contract is a guarantee that everyone observes the agreed principles and ensures the largest
possible transparency for the benefit of the consumers.

Below is an overview of the key points of the Fair Trees business concept.

Control and transparency
The business model for Fair Trees is built on the condition that the entire supplier chain is committed
to strictly sustainable and certified production of Nordmann fir Christmas trees.

The Fair Trees producer and any sub suppliers must accept a license agreement. Please contact us for
a copy of the license agreement.

Regular controls and inspections are performed at the producer’s production areas partly to ensure
products of a high quality and partly to offer producers, resellers and consumers the crucial and
necessary transparency.

Sustainable replanting
For each Fair Trees Christmas tree sold, the producer must replant a Fair Trees young plant or
purchase the corresponding volume of Fair Seed for sowing.

Fund creates development
For each Fair Trees Christmas tree sold and every kilo of Fair Seed sold, Fair Trees transfers funds to
the Fair Trees Fund. The fund is a non-profit NGO, which contributes to the promotion of health and
nature as well as education and improved living conditions in Georgia.

Our support is calculated as follows:
For each kilo Fair Seed sold, Fair Trees transfers €10 to the Fair Trees Fund.

For each Fair Trees Christmas tree sold, an amount is donated to the Fair Trees Fund based on the
actual sales volume. Thus, the Christmas trees producers purchase labels from Fair Trees Marketing,
which are used for the fund’s work as well as covering the project administration and licence to Fair
Trade Danmark. Printing of labels is paid separately, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Fair Trees is a member of Fair Trade Danmark, and Fair Seeds, Georgia is a member of